Item Bank Application

If you are a clinical teacher, you need clinical scenario based MCQs for examinations all the time. But organizing your MCQs according to the programs that you teach in, or according to the ToS for Assessment (or Assessment Blueprint) or plainly collecting and compiling them to develop a test of your own for your own students… is all so challenging!
As if it were not enough, there are more challenges… quantity, quality, structure, language, limited time. solves all of these problems. It is your personal question bank!

  • Accessible anytime
  • Accessible anywhere
  • With your personal MCQs
  • No need to write scenarios ever again
  • No more bothering with item structure
  • Or writing of sentences or worrying about grammatical errors
  • Make more than 30 clinical scenario based MCQs in less than an hour

You do it all in three simple steps.

  1. Fill the clinical data,
  2. Tweak the statement,
  3. Press the button!

Your MCQs are ready to use.
Register for free and enjoy the feast!